Friday, 12 February 2010

Childhood Memories

In late January we purchased a home and have been busy moving and slowly attempting to get our lives back in order.  A few days ago we finally were connected to the internet again and I had an urging to go check up on the latest challenge over at the Round Robin Photo Challenge

When I saw it was "Childhood Memories"  I was thinking this could be fun and a charming step back in time., I have to do this!  Then I read on and they said I suggested it!!!  With everything that has been happening I had totally forgotten.  I'm glad I got the internet in time to participate. =)


This was my beloved "Tiggy".  I insisted that he WAS a tiger.  In my young childhood mind, ALL big cats were tigers.  People would tell me it was a leopard and I thought they were ALL stupid!  Come on, he looks like a Tiggy, right! =)  (sigh)

Our family cat obviously didn't like him and took off a section of Tiggy's nose.  So much trauma I really don't remember it happening.  Though I still to this day remember being in tears when he lost his eye and my mom had to sew on a button and insisted that Tiggy could see once again.   I think he's only got one good eye.  What's your opinion on his eye condition?

306 copy

I didn't take this photograph above.  It's a scanned copy of a photo I have.  This was my dad's bookstore in Ojai, CA called Bart's Books.  While other children went to a park to play, this was my playground filled with books, comic books, an art easel, our bad kitty and lots of fun people.

295 copy

This is the inside how it looks now.  It's still gives me warm fuzzies when I think of being there! =)  If you go to Southern California I HIGHLY recommend you stop in Ojai and check out the bookstore.  Yes, it's still in operation. 

297 copy

This last photo I'm sharing is downtown Ojai.  I walked so many times down this street as I headed to school or when my mom took me with her when she did some shopping. =) 

One time we looked into a store window and I (we) saw MARY POPPINS!  They tried to tell me her name was Julie Andrews or some silly name like that.  I KNEW ... it WAS MARY POPPINS!  Oh,  and she was really sweet to me but didn't pull anything out of her bag much to my disappointment.  What was up with that?

It was fun going back in time.  I look forward to visiting everyone's childhood memories on Sunday as I have a wedding to photograph Saturday.

Have a great weekend and thanks for letting my inner child come out to play again! =)