Saturday, 5 June 2010

Garden Portraits

For this current photo theme, I knew I HAD to use a couple of older photographs from last summer.

One of my favorite flowers are the Dahlia's.   Before we moved, we had a large variety in our sunny backyard.   Unfortunately our new yard is small and mostly all shade.  I guess that means finding new flowers that prefer shade! =) 


This next Dahlia I found last summer at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma .  I loved the delicate look of this beauty.  I wish I could find this one for my yard.

                     F1 008 copy_edited-1

This last photo was also taken at Point Defiance Park this past weekend.  I thought I would share a rose.  I was thinking it might be a 'Peace Rose' however the edges seem darker than the Peace Roses I've seen before.  Maybe a variation?

                 SONY DSC

I'm glad I had the opportunity to participate, thank you Carly and Karen for all you do to keeping the Round Robin active and fun! =)

.Comments are appreciated, I will be by Sunday to visit all who participated!  Be sure to  a moment or two to check out the others who took the time and effort to participated:                              Round Robin Garden Portraits.

** In my eagerness, I realized I didn't read the full instructions so here is an overview or 'full' (actually only a quarter at most) photo of the Rose Garden at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma.