Saturday, 5 June 2010

Garden Portraits

For this current photo theme, I knew I HAD to use a couple of older photographs from last summer.

One of my favorite flowers are the Dahlia's.   Before we moved, we had a large variety in our sunny backyard.   Unfortunately our new yard is small and mostly all shade.  I guess that means finding new flowers that prefer shade! =) 


This next Dahlia I found last summer at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma .  I loved the delicate look of this beauty.  I wish I could find this one for my yard.

                     F1 008 copy_edited-1

This last photo was also taken at Point Defiance Park this past weekend.  I thought I would share a rose.  I was thinking it might be a 'Peace Rose' however the edges seem darker than the Peace Roses I've seen before.  Maybe a variation?

                 SONY DSC

I'm glad I had the opportunity to participate, thank you Carly and Karen for all you do to keeping the Round Robin active and fun! =)

.Comments are appreciated, I will be by Sunday to visit all who participated!  Be sure to  a moment or two to check out the others who took the time and effort to participated:                              Round Robin Garden Portraits.

** In my eagerness, I realized I didn't read the full instructions so here is an overview or 'full' (actually only a quarter at most) photo of the Rose Garden at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma.




  1. Wow - such bright, multicolored flowers are surely much more pleasing to the eye than the usual solid pinks and reds. I love the way these are framed and lit as well.

  2. Beautiful flowers and I love that rose.

  3. I just planted Dahlia's this year and it looks like promising to me. I see tiny buds almost ready to bloom. Your Dahlia's are beautiful. Happy Saturday!

    My Flowers

  4. Hi!
    I've never had Dahila's in my garden but they are beautiful! That rose is awesome! Have a great day!

    Sherrie's Stuff

  5. The dahlias are always so colorful and interesting. Beautiful photos Monica. It was nice to have a couple drier days this week here in Western Washington.

  6. Hi Monica :)

    Wow honey, you picked some lovely flowers for this entry! Dahlias really have that POP quality to them, don't they? The roses remind me of the ones in Golden Gate Park. :) Lovely as always hon!


  7. The picture of that 2nd Dahlia was spectacular!! Wasn't there a movie about murders that revolved around the Black Dahlia..?

    Great shots..!

  8. The dahlias are just beautiful!! Seeing yours makes me want to plant some myself. Great pictures.

  9. Hi Monica,

    Really love your close-up work, shot 1 is beautiful.

    ...More rain for us in the UK today, I think we will be digging out the boardgames again this afternoon :(


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