Saturday, 13 March 2010

Look Up ~ Look Down

I had great plans to get out with my camera for this challenge.  The photos I had in my imagination had nothing to do with brides, flowers or anything related to weddings.

Then IT happened.  My 'mud wrestling' experience where the mud won.  I was simply walking to my car and hit a muddy slope that grabbed me and took me down in a heartbeat.  My ankle went one direction, knee decided to go the reverse direction of the ankle, the hip not wanting to be left out went with the ankle and the low back decided to go with the knee!

No major injuries.  However, I felt like a 90+ year old woman.  Today, I feel about 70.  Maybe in a few more days I'll feel my age or even younger would be nice! =)

Anyway, due to the mud wrestling event, I've been reduced to sharing wedding photos. (sorry)

11 blog

Using a monopod, held high over head, looking down on the entire wedding.  Taken at the Rose Garden at Point Defiance Park, Tacoma.

             SONY DSC

This photo I actually took a few days before the fall, it's looking down the flowers in my front yard. =) 

Now to look up a bit in life. =)  I've share both of these photos before and I apologize that they are repeats.

Ray Bethell

This is Ray Bethell a 90 something man from Canada who does amazing work with his kites.  What you can't see is that he's controlling FOUR kites, three are in formation the 4th is a mere speck in the photo.  He controls a kite with each of his hands and the other two are controlled by his knees/legs/hip movements!  When I'm 90 I want to get around and move like he does!

         museum of glass

Here is a photo looking up at my daughter Kimberly.  The first time I posted this photo, things were looking up for her as she was approved for a home loan.  This time, things are looking up because she is now living in the home she is buying!  =)

Thank  you for stopping by!  I look forward to seeing what was down or up your neighborhood. =)  Check out the other participants here:  ROUND ROBIN