Saturday, 25 July 2009

My Vehicle of Choice

This weeks theme for the Round Robin Photo Challenges is "My Vehicle of Choice".  I drive an older SUV, a 1999 blue Honda Passport.  I LOVE driving it, especially in the snow or on the beach.  :-)  If only I could drive on the beach more often.  Photo taken when I bought it.


I TRY to obey the traffic laws as I don't want to get stopped by one of these guys who's vehicle of choice is a motorcycle.  These police officers were visiting some children at the local children's hospital.  What a line up!


I've enjoyed riding on the back of our Gold Wing - as long as my hair was tied up!  Well, I did until my husband 'dropped' the bike as he was driving to work.  I'm just glad I wasn't on the bike when he went down!  Yes, he's fine, no injuries except to the poor bike.


If you really want to save fuel, there's always the pedal bike.  The second one (red helmet) is my husband Sonny on a tandem bike he built.  He's now building a tandem for two.  I'm looking forward to riding with him. :-)  This was taken during the 'Tour de Pierce' last month.


Some folks might opt for the taxi to get them around town.  This looks like an interesting taxi! It's no Cash Cab, but, it should be a ride filled with grins and giggles. 


"Baby you can drive my car, and maybe I'll love you ..."  This was a car that belonged to John Lennon.  I don't think they'll let us drive this car.  No matter what, it's an intriguing vehicle of choice.


And my vehicle of choice right now IF I could, would be this sailboat sailing off into the sunset.  Peaceful, serene and graceful.  I could use a little of those in my life. right now.  Just click on the photo to enlarge and let your mind escape. 


Be sure to check out other vehicles of choice from the Round Robin participants.  Round Robin.


  1. Those were some neat pictures. I have to ask, what kind of bike the Hubby rides?

    I used to ride on the back of a friends motorcycle, but I had to stop when they had to ditch because of a Bee getting into their suit.

    At that speed, that was enough for me!!

  2. loved this entry, Monica; so very clever of you!! I love your Passport! I bet it is great to have in the winter weather you guys get.

    Hubby had a Gold Wing when we lived in Montana (I think it was a 1982); lasted for 2 summers. He enjoyed it, but its a very short riding season up there.

    that was a cool picture of all the motorcycles; wouldn't want them visiting me, though, LOL

    I think if I was to replace my van, I would like something similar to the Passport; I like that design

    very nicely done!


  3. What a great post! You really showed us something of your piece of world. Those are cool bikes your riding, and the motorcycle too. My hubby is a fan of motorcycles and his biggest wish is to own a Harley. But it will probably stay a dream.....

  4. Excellent post Monica! Love your "rides" especially the sailboat, sounds perfect!

  5. What an array of them all, especially the motorcycles!

    Sailing is another great choice.....sailing into the sunset is even more romantic!
    Thank you!

  6. Hi!
    Great Photos!! I really like that last one, now that's the way to travel! Have a great day!


  7. Hi Monica :)

    Wonderful look at the wheels in your life. Glad to hear Sonny is ok, poor bike though. :)


  8. I liked looking at the array of vehicles you chose. Glad you and your husband enjoy the ones you own. I've owned a sailboat -- they are lovely!

  9. Loved all your photos, especially of the bikes lined up and that sailboat! I, too, love the 4 wheel drive for the snowy months. We're looking to getting another for my daughter to drive back and forth to school. Nice to meet you, Mon!

  10. Aha! John;s psychedelic Rolls Royce! I'd love to see that! And I always wanted a Gold Wing; my scooters were its little sisters. But it's true that when you'd laid a bike down a few times (and in my case broke a tooth doing it), you tend to lose your nerve a bit.

    Great shot of all the police motorcycles, too. Good post!


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