Friday, 16 April 2010

Fix it Friday # 50

I haven't had the opportunity to participate in the "I Heart Faces" Fix it Friday in a very long time!  When I have participated, I've rarely added my own link to the site.  However, today I decided I'd fully play along.  Besides the bit of distraction came in handy today! =)  (prevented me from getting into trouble!) 

This first photo is the original that we've been given to fix.  All the following photos were my edits.  Isn't she a beautiful young lady?


            feef0d364c copy

Pretty basic here, lightened, removed dark under eye shadows and smoothed her skin complexion.

          feef0d364c copy_edited-1

Decided to play with the saturation, some texture and vignetting.

         4524891980_feef0d364c copy_edited-2

Decided to crop the image, bring the focus to her face. 


Thanks for stopping by please feel free to leave some feedback, ideas or suggestions as they are always welcomed. =)


  1. Hi Monica!! I love your edits of the photo, her complexion looks gorgeous!! The 3rd one is my favorite, awesome editing!!

    As for the actions I used from My Four Hens Photography, I love these actions and I have quite a few of her's. I have tried many other actions from different photographer's and some of them need way too much tweaking/work but I always come back to My Four Hens (Sarah Cornish) she has a bunch of freebies on her site if you want to download and test them out.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Hugs Didee xo

  2. I liked the 4th shot best. It makes her look exciting and ready for the world in all her radiant beauty.

    Wish you could fix ME up in a photo!!


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