Friday, 23 April 2010

In 3's

It's time once again for the Round Robin Photo Challenge!  Time sure flies when your having fun or when your so busy you that time simply escapes you.  The current challenge is "In 3's" - The Challenge is to take and present three different pictures of the same subject or theme.

As you will see by my entry below, I got carried away ... just a wee bit, right! =)

01Toby01 copy2

                My husband and our dog, Toby playing fetch.

                      SONY DSC

My THREE children.  Each different and unique in their own way.

  Toby Dog

Once again our dog, Toby.  Shaking off the water, thinking he's a lap dog (silly boy) and patiently waiting for he okay to eat a hot dog!

ponytail falls

Three views of one waterfall - Ponytails Falls not far from the Multnomah Falls on the Columbia Gorge in Oregon.  BEAUTIFUL area one I HIGHLY recommend seeing. =)

Mt Rainier

Three different views of Mt Rainier, I never get tired of looking out and seeing the mountain so majestic.

The last two are business related. =) 

             DK 186 copy

From an engagement session, they were such a fun couple!  I want more like them ... please. =)

pg 05-06 copy

                              Dancing/spinning bride.

I hope you enjoyed your visit!  Please take a moment to visit the other participants and say hi as well.  =)  Just click on the link below:

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  1. Wow, those photos are awesome!! And my favorite is the picture of one of your children with the kid and they are both sleeping. That is very cute, priceless photo. Happy weekend!

    RRC:Anything in 3‘s

  2. So beautiful, all the subjects. I really love the waterfalls and the mountains, though.

  3. Hi Monica,
    Great pictures, they are all beautiful. The last one of the dancing and spinning bride and groom is great, it looks like one picture instead of three. Have a great day!

    Sherrie's Stuff

  4. I love your pictures---especially the waterfalls and the mountains. I would love to be able to look out my window and see mountains!!!

  5. did get carried away but that's ok. Your photos are so good, we will never tire of seeing them, no matter WHAT the subject.

    Just terrific!

  6. Hi Oh Creative One!

    I bow to you, I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy! LOL. Hon, what can I say? FANTASTIC photos! So full of life and love, the viewer can't help but smile and feel good inside. :) Monica, thanks so much for the smile.



  7. All f your photos are very nice...some lovely, some fun, some just make me happy. I especially liked the dog shaking himself and the one with the hotdog on his snout. :-)

  8. Such neat photos! The sets of three are varying in subject but have some similarities. I really like them!

  9. I love that majestic mountain shots, so awesome!

  10. Oh, but these are all wonderful! I can't begin to choose a favorite trio.

    (Sorry for the delay - really busy weekend two weeks ago.)


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