Friday, 22 October 2010



       A foot bridge to a fishing pier with a view of Mt Rainier.


Looking toward the Cable Stay Bridge from the Museum of Glass in Tacoma.

                       SONY DSC

This was taken on the Chihuly Bridge of Glass (pedestrian bridge) that allows people to get from downtown to the waterfront where the Museum of Glass is located, which would otherwise be blocked by the interstate.

I had hoped to share 2 additional bridges; our 'Narrows Bridge' but, I got distracted at the Museum of Glass and never got past the bridges shown above. =)  The other was the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge from my former hometown of SF.  I couldn't find my disc with a photo that I took while on a ferry of bridge at sunset. (sigh, it was a favorite photo of mine too!)

** Last minute addition.  This is 'London Bridge', which I have crossed in England and now in Arizona.  My daughter was amazed that the entire bridge was saved and transported to another country and a completely different environment.   The first is the bridge and the second is of us on the bridge.


Be sure to take a moment or two to check out the others who participated in the Round Robin Photo Challenge of Bridges.

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  1. got distracted at the Museum of Glass...
    Go figure...!

    As always, you have shared some unique and beautiful images. Gotta love the first one with that gorgeous mountain in the background. You live in an amazing place. I love seeing Tacoma through your lens.

  2. Beautiful! That first photo is an incredible view! and the one with the glass. Wow!

    from the heart of Texas

  3. All of your photos are wonderful. The glass shots are amazing because of the talent it requires to make those glass objects. But, my favorite is your last minute addition of the London Bridge.

    Given the low percentage of how many Americans are able to travel out of the country it makes it that much more amazing that you could travel to the same bridge in two locations.

  4. Lovely photos! I'm jealous twice over: I didn't get to cross the Tower Bridge when I was there, only photograph it, and I want to go to the Museum of Glass!!

  5. Ooohh, I love that museum of Glass, especially the one that looks like birds.

  6. Beautiful collection of bridges!

  7. "Wow!" to all of your shots, but "WoWow!!" to the second one. You are very talented...great work.

  8. Oops! I guess I didn't get here when I made the rounds last time. Sorry! That first shot with Mt. Ranier is fantastic! So is the Bridge of Glass one with the sunset reflecting off the green glass tower. And...well, they're all wonderful, aren't they?


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