Saturday, 6 November 2010

In The Window

I signed up for the current Round Robin Challenge "In The Window" with the idea that I'd find something fantastic to photograph while in Maryland or DC.  Of course once I was with family, I was completely distracted by grandchildren and forgot about the challenge!  And yes, there were plenty of opportunities.  Yesterday I checked the Round Robin Blog to see when the next challenge was due.  Uh oh ... TOMORROW!  What to do?  Dig in the archives of course and if all else fails, go outside and tease the kitty so you can get a photo that way. =)

                        Cat in Window

This is my daughters cat, Sapphire or also known as Sassy.  She was named Sapphire because of her incredible two toned blue eyes.   BTW, pardon the boxes behind her, we are remodeling and everything is a mess. (sigh)

Chihuly Glass Tacoma

Okay I admit, this is pushing it.  I took this photo during the last challenge of bridges.  This is part of the Chihuly Bridge of Glass in Tacoma.  Along the bridge are these "WINDOWS" (work with me - they are display windows after all) of Chihuly glass.  I love glass so this bridge is always a delight to me even if it never changes. 

                         Chihuly Bridge of Glass, overhead

I'm going to go ahead and share one additional photo from the Chihuly Bridge of Glass.  This is an overhead 'window' display of Chihuly glass.

Car of his dreams

Looking at the car of his dreams through the window.  This was taken at the Smithsonian Museum of American History it was on our last day when this sparked the memory of the challenge.  So, despite my thinking I wasn't prepared, I guess I was! =)

If you would like to peek into some other windows just click here to view more from other participants:  Round Robin Photo Challenge.


  1. As far as I'm concerned, all of these count. :) That bridge of glass is amazing! And the cat photo is exactly the kind of thing I had in mind but couldn;t manage to do with my dogs. What kind of car is that?

  2. Now...why wouldn't that display of all the Chihuly glass count?? You sell yourself short Monica.

    Love, love, love the last one best. It sure tells a story.

    Looking forward to seeing the latest photos of the cutest granddaughters ever...

  3. Wow, the Chihuly bridge of glass is just amazing!!! I especially love the last one--wishful thinking.

  4. I love the blue eyes. And those glasses amazing!
    In the window

  5. I agree, all great window shots! Love the saphire eyed kitty!

  6. Monica I enjoyed all your shots. The Chihuly glass is always so dramatic. My favorite is the last one, though :0)
    BTW: The photo of my daughter outside the bridal shop is in Bellevue, Washington. I guess I should have mentioned that since I said where the other photos were from.

  7. Beautiful shots. The kitty one looks similar to mine with the reflection! I love the glass ones, too!

  8. Oh my! I love, love the cat photo! Such beautiful eyes! And the car photo is awesome! Love the glass photos too but the first and last pic are my favs.


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