Thursday, 25 November 2010

Giving Thanks

This is actually a post I wrote for my business blog.  Then I was thinking I'd share it here too as I have the same wishes for my friends here on the net. =) 

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays.  Not so much for the feast that many families have, though I can't deny I enjoy a good meal!  It's meant getting the family all together, shared conversations, catching up with those you love.  I suppose some say Christmas is good for that and to a degree that is true.  Except at Christmas I feel a bit of pressure to buy gifts for everyone and sometimes finding that right gift can be difficult.  Especially when you get someone like myself - I have what I want when it comes to physical/material items.

                              roast turkey

Those who know my lack of desire to cook, might be surprised that Thanksgiving is a favorite time and I actually enjoy cooking a nice family dinner for this special occasion.   However if I must be honest, I can't really say that I enjoy all the dishes afterwards!  Wait, I can give thanks for the dishwasher and for family members who help clean up! 

While this year has provided it's own challenges it's also provided me with many reasons to be thankful and grateful.  Here is a brief personal list of things that I'm thankful/grateful for this year.

~     My husband and business partner, he has allowed me to pursue what I love.  And not once did he discourage me from starting the business then dragging him around with me!  I think he actually enjoyed this himself, even if it wasn't something he would have visualized for himself before I came into his life.

~     My three children who have led healthy productive lives and fill my life with love. laughter and even a bit of frustration that just reminds me life is a learning process that we must sometimes learn on our own.

~    My precious granddaughters who will test their daddy just the way he has tested me in the past!  For their hugs, smiles and laughter.

~     I'm thankful for my parents who owned their own businesses.   It was because of this I went forward with creating my own business with NO FEAR.  Maybe I should have  had some fear and worries but, I just knew deep in my heart this was right!  I miss them terribly and I feel they would be very proud of what I have accomplished and of the wonderful man (my husband) who supports me through this journey.

~     Lastly, I am thankful for all the wonderful customers we've been blessed to photograph,  to be a part of such an important day in their lives, to welcome a new baby into their families, to document their lives as they unfold.  We have met some truly wonderful and inspirational people with this business.

We wish you, your family and friends a very 'Happy Thanksgiving'.  Enjoy the holiday with those you love, laugh with them, embrace the moment and remember to give thanks for having love in your life!

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