Friday, 3 December 2010

Before & After

This current Round Robin Challenge was suggested by Vicki of Maraca. The topic is 'Before and After'   Being exactly as it says:  anything "before" and, well, "after."

I briefly considered a photo of our Thanksgiving dinner before everyone ate and then again afterwards.  However, I got busy and caught up in the day.  Meaning I forgot. =)  I thought okay, Christmas decorations.  Except we will be doing that THIS weekend.  IF things had gone as scheduled I could have shown you the before and after photos of our kitchen remodel.   Instead all I have is before and 'in progress', which isn't the challenge. (sigh)

Ktichen before

The kitchen before the start of remodeling.  It had THREE doorways for such a small kitchen.  And do you see the cord running along the door frame on the right?  That's the plug for the refrigerator!  REALLY!  The kitchen had a drop down ceiling, pink 60's PLASTIC tiles and blue flooring.  BTW, the kitchen photos were taken with my point and shoot that I carry in my purse.

ktichen in progress

As you can see, this isn't a true after photo as work is still in progress.  The stove still needs to be replaced (after Christmas), walls and ceiling need to be finished, upper cabinets ... so much work still ahead!  Oh and if it had been day time when I took this current photo of the kitchen you would be able to see more of the big window in the dining/living room.  Everything is new in this kitchen ... or will be once the stove is replaced and the new overhead microwave is installed.

Okay so back to the entry,  it now means I need to do some actual thinking to come up with a "REAL" entry for this challenge ... oh my, this is going to hurt!   Then today, PAY Day came along and inspired this before and after entry! =)

My poor wallet before payday ....

empty wallet

And my wallet after I cash the check ... (sweet)   BUT, it was before I paid bills, bought groceries, etc ...

wallet of money

And my wallet again after I paid the bills, got the groceries, Uncle Sam took his cut, etc .... (sigh) 

red wallet

That didn't last long!  At least I have A dollar to my name!   Shhh, I better not let it be known that a dollar is still in my wallet or someone will nab it,  like my husband or daughter.   Now be sure to check out the other Round Robin participants.  I promise it won't hurt your wallet! =)

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  1. Your post brings me a smile to my face. Uncle Sam is everywhere don't you think? LOL!! Good for you, you still had a dollar hehe. Love your post thanks for sharing!
    Before and After

  2. Your kitchen is looking great!! It will be fun to cook again once you get it finished. Love the idea of photographing your wallet---this time of year, mine mostly looks like your "after" shot!

  3. lol Great take on the theme... So many of us can definitely relate. ;o/
    The kitchen is looking great. I love to see projects around the home. It's not always fun going through the progression, but once it's done... it's definitely worth it!

  4. The wallet shots are too funny!

  5. Love the wallet before and after! Such a vision of life!

  6. What a great kitchen project and such an improvement. Oh my look at all that cash go! :0)
    Fun interpretation of the theme!

  7. that's a before and after I can sure relate to! Very original it!

    I wish we were redoing our kitchen, it sure needs it!

  8. I love the wallet shots! So funny, sad and true! Good luck with the remodel. I like what you've done so far!

  9. Hey Monica - I left a comment yesterday and it hasn't appeared. Are you having a glitch at your end, perhaps?

  10. Your kitchen is headed in the right direction. I'll bet it will be beautiful when it's done. Be sure to share pictures when you're all finished.

    The wallet sequence is very clever!

    Great photos!


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