Friday, 28 January 2011


“Goodbyes are not forever.  Goodbyes are not the end.  They simply mean I’ll miss you until we meet again!”  ~ Author Unknown

The current Round Robin theme is “Goodbye”.   I actually took a photo that I especially wanted to use for this particular theme and I’m pretty positive that  I formatted that card before uploading it to my computer!   Unfortunately, the photo was just for fun and I was in an urgent need for more memory at a wedding last weekend.

So, I guess once again I’m resorting to ‘cheating’ and using some photos from a few weddings that represent ‘good-bye’ … good-bye to single life.   Or in these cases, goodbye party … hello honeymoon!

                                             They often leave in black town car limos ….

g'bye 1

                                                        Others leave in a classic Rolls Royce limo ….

g'bye 3

                        The adventurous bride leave in a Jeep with beer cans clanging behind ….

g'bye 2

      And then the truly brave bride will exit and say goodbye while having bird seed thrown at them!


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  1. Hi Monica :)

    Lovely entry! It proves the point that not all "Goodbyes" are sad. I LOVE weddings, from the dress to the decorated "getaway" car, I am a romantic till the end! LOL. It's written in the stars... I am a Cancer after all. ;)

    Lovely to see your photography again sweetie! I would love to see you join in at the MONDAY PHOTO SHOOT sometime! :)

    Hugs, Carly

  2. Aww, great "goodbye" photos. I am visiting via the Round Robin. I too, had a photo that would have been perfect but I must have formatted the card before saving. I can't find it anywhere. It was so cute too! Oh well.

  3. How fun! These bring back memories of our wedding, how I was specifically told the church did not want rice or bird seed thrown, and I ended up sweeping up in my wedding dress alongside the priest. Our getaway vehicle was a 1962 Ford Falcon van with a leaky transmission, which John's friends soaped up with a quote from The Prisoner. What a day that was!

  4. What a nice interpretation of "Goodbye", lol !

  5. A good take on the theme, saying goodbye to singlehood!

  6. I thought the themes was 3 doors but wedding pictures are also nice !

  7. Nice wedding shots, and a unique take on the theme.


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