Saturday, 21 May 2011

Round Robin Challenge: Graffiti

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this garage filled with graffiti during a senior portrait shoot.  It was a perfect escape from the famous Northwest rain. 

Then I saw the challenge and knew I had to return to the garage for a few more photos without the senior.  During this last visit to the garage, I learned that the garage is open for artist to come and leave their mark on the walls on any given Sunday.   Anything with profanity, meanness or vulgar would be removed/painted over immediately.

A lady came and parked her car into her assigned stall as I was taking photos and she said she enjoys coming each Monday to see what new items have been added and sometimes she was sad to see some of the beautiful art get painted over.  I guess if I came the week before I would have seen Marylyn Monroe gracing the walls of the garage.

Below are some of the art work (aka graffiti) on the garage walls, I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Tacoma Portrait Photographer _7Tacoma Portrait Photographer _8 copy

None of the above graffiti remained from a few weeks ago when I was doing the senior portrait session.


Be sure to stop and check out more art work/graffiti here –> Round Robin: Graffiti


  1. Looks wonderful... makes me think that there is a potential Basquiat among the artists, and it is indeed art to me!

  2. Very cool. It's a little sad that the art doesn;t last unless it's photographed, but on the other hand it's like a museum with ever-changing exhibitions.

  3. I'm with Karen. And the sign makes it so much more interesting - makes me wonder how well the code is followed. Are taggers so grateful that they have Sunday that they don't press their luck that they can do it at all, or are they so anti- establishment that that they do what they want when they want?


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