Thursday, 21 May 2009

Approach with Caution!

Copy of 2008 221

It appears there has been a Bridezilla sighting in the area.

Those who have followed me from the AOL journals and my now recently deleted blog, know I fell into wedding photography about 5-6 years ago. Let me say, it's been a fun ride!

One of our brides assured me there would be plenty of signs indicating how to get to their private wedding location. This was one of the signs leading us to the event. You just gotta love a bride with a sense of humor.

*** Thanks to Martha for suggesting a new site, I've added this photo to the Thematic Photographic #50 photo theme of 'signs'.

Unfortunately I can't get to that particular blog from my computer, I had to use my daughter's laptop to view it and she got rather testy that I was taking time to view other signs. I will certainly visit your signs as there some fantastic ones out there!


  1. Great sign! I'm betting the wedding was a fun event judging by the humour of the sign :)

  2. Laughter is a great way to treat all the tension that accompanies such an event. ;-)

  3. Now that sounds like something I would have done at my wedding!

    You have to link this one to Carmi's photo theme this week!...

  4. bet you do enjoy your work photographing weddings; I hope its something you guys can continue to do!

    I love how the bride was able to mark where her wedding would take place


  5. love it ! what a fun attitude during a blissful and stressfgul period of one's lives.

  6. I see she has a good sense of humor!

  7. I love it!!! Definitely the bride is someone one would want as a friend. Great Sign!

  8. that was a funtastic idea for wedding signs.
    Much better than balloons I think.

  9. Someone had a seriously good sense of humor, this is great for Carmis Signs.
    Welcome to the photoblog/photo challenge world!

  10. I love it ;-) Bet the wedding was a lot of fun for the happy couple with that type of humor.


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