Sunday, 31 May 2009

Yellow Begonia

Is it cheating if I use one photo for two photo themes? I think not, I've seen plenty of others do it so, I'm going to myself. :-)

This evening Sonny (my husband) and I decided it was a perfect evening to have dinner at the park. We grabbed some sandwiches, our drinks and enjoyed our meal at a local park.

Once there I was wishing I had my camera,then I remembered I had my little point and shoot camera, and that would work!

A close up of a yellow begonia.

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And for those of you who haven't seen a yellow begonia (like myself) here is a link to check out: yellow begonia.


  1. What a gorgeous lemon color! I don't think I have ever seen a yellow one before.. but begonias come in so many different colors and in single and double and multiple blooms. Very lovely.

  2. that is a great color! I didn't realize they had yellow begonia; for some reason I thought they were only red (there are red ones right??)

    so glad you got a chance to have a picnic with Sonny and enjoy some time together!

    and yes, I think it is okay to use one picture for two challenges; I think I've seen Martha do a combo like this a few times lately :)

    enjoy the week ahead


  3. What a pretty color in a begonia. The ones I found and bought this year are a lovely pink.

  4. You have not cheated. That is called killing two birds in one stone.

    This is a very attractive flower.

    I learnt a new term, 'mamarazzi'.
    Very approprite for mine too!
    Thank you!

  5. That is so pretty. What a soft, warm yellow. Good shot. :-)

  6. what a lovely flower. Great shot :)

  7. Definitely not cheating, cos I'm doing it too. lol

  8. I want to smell it! So pretty!

  9. Nope, not cheating! What a lovely shade of yellow.

  10. Hi Monica,
    Great that you had a picnic with Hubby AND got a chance to photograph this beautiful yellow begonia for us! You pictures are wonderful - love those 2 black cats on a former post.

  11. Wow great shot! I planted some red begonias. I love the yellow one. Thanks for sharing.

  12. It's not cheating, it's multi-tasking. Like others, yellow begonias were a surprise to me!

  13. MAGNIFICENT photo ... definitely perfect for two memes. I believe in multi-tasking whenever possible myself.
    Hugs and blessings,

  14. Beautiful Monica! You know I'm all about combo entries when I run out of time. I've been having so much fun playing on so many photo memes that there just isn't enough time to do each separately, respond with comments to everyone who stops by and find time to get out and shoot new photos! I'm so glad you've decided to play along on the photo memes with me :-)
    PS - this one could be linked up to the Community Photo Challenge too!

  15. I think multi-tasking is brilliant
    I have a photo I just took that I think I'll post for 4!! lol

    beautiful color and texture in your flower

  16. Hi Monica

    Wonderful yellow and fantastic colors!
    Thanks for posting for TODAY'S FLOWERS.

  17. We are only too happy for you to share this beautiful flower with us. Love the framework, thank you.

  18. what a beautiful yellow begonia.

  19. Very pretty begonia! I havent been on a picnic in years. Sounds fun. =)


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