Monday, 18 May 2009

Mellow Tookie


This is our Cockatiel, Tookie Bird. He's a pretty mellow and yellow guy who will wolf whistle even when you look and feel your worst. His other speciality is whistling "Here comes the Bride".

Click here to play along! Mellow Yellow


  1. Wow! The Tookster sounds like such a talented bird! He's beautiful!

  2. He's so cute. I used to have a cockatiel too. Her name was Stormy and she was such a sweet little bird.

  3. Tookie Bird is a very handsome fella !!

    He has some cool talents !!

    Very nice shot !

  4. Wow, so beautiful and handsome. LOl.

  5. Tookie's cute! Thanks for sharing.

  6. AHHH HA!! I have cockatiels too. One yellow and one grey. The grey is the "star" of the show and talks all day ... AND dances when I get home from work. They are so incredibly animated and full of personality. Who knew?? LOL!
    They were adopted by me 12 years ago because a family was moving out state, and could not bring them with. Now, they are very special parts of my life. never saw that coming ...I did this post years ago, as a beginning and new blogger while out on the road

  7. He's a very handsome bird and a perfect Mellow Yellow choice. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  8. Beautitul... a very handsome looking bird and I'm sure a wonderful pet too.

    best wishes and thank you for your visit also.
    Ribbon :-)

  9. I Love Parrots As I Was HAving 4 Parrots !!! Wonderful Image..Thanks For Sharing !!

  10. You have framed the photo very good.

    And it is fun go out walking with the camera and come up with different things very time - like the red door.

    Nice photo - you take.

    Maria Berg, Sweden.


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