Monday, 15 June 2009

Blooming Delight

I know that right now I SHOULD be working but, here I am blogging away instead. Honestly, I'm not feeling terribly guilty about it ... yet. :-)

This flower is a triple photo theme entry. It's Mellow Yellow Monday, Macro Monday and Today's Flowers. Many thanks to those who host these fun photo themes. Be sure to check out the others who have shared their Mellow Yellow photos and their Macro's by clicking on the links provided.

Copy of F 007

Unfortunately I'm NOT the gardner in our family so I'm clueless on the name of this beautiful flower.

Thanks for visiting and your comments are always appreciated. :-)

*** Update:  I've learned the flower is a Peony.


  1. What a gorgeous flower!

    I played too :)

  2. Monica I have no ideal what type of flower it is but it sure is pretty. Great shot. :-)

  3. I dunno either. Maybe a tree peony? At any rate, a gorgeous photo--thanks for sharing!

  4. The scientific name is Ranunculaceae.......just kidding:) I just love the cute name of your blog!

  5. Heart of the flower,
    buttery yellow, lures us
    for a closer look.

  6. that is a beautiful peony!! I wouldn't have known what kind it was either!! fits perfectly with the themes of all the memes!!

    and I looked ahead, Toby's eyes are so pitiful; its always the eyes that get us, isn't it?? I bet he spends hours in front of the mirror perfecting the perfect look to get to share a tidbit (or more) of food with you :)


  7. I also have no idea of the flower's name, but i know you have done good work capturing that flower, so beautiful.. Thanks for sharing..

  8. Beautiful flower. I love the colors. Peonies remind me of my Grandmother - who always grew them in her garden.

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi!
    Beautiful Bloom! Pretty color. My Peony's are all gone now. Have a great day!!


  10. Gorgeous Monica! I'm glad you're addicted to blogging again too :-)

  11. Beautiful photo!

  12. Very pretty! Peonies always make me think of my great-grandmother - how she loved them!


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