Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Double Trouble

My friend Martha (from back in the days of AOL journals) and her son are hosting on a trial bases a new photo theme on Tuesdays, called 'Double Trouble'. I hope this catches on and they take it past the three week trial period.

For this first time, I'm digging through my archives and decided on these two who seem to be in search of trouble.

Copy of AZ 060

These two were approaching us while I was doing a family portrait session at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma. They kept inching closer to us and we decided they must've wanted a family portrait too.

Who was I to deny them a nice portrait? I've done many other portraits in that area and I've yet to see any sign of my racoon friends. (sigh).


  1. they are so cute!! too bad you didn't see them again :(

    this is a cute meme of Martha's son; I'll have to think creative and get some pictures for this over the next week


  2. Now these two really are a perfect example of Double Trouble! Thanks for playing Monica! I can't wait to show my son :-)

  3. Sounds like a cute meme. I don't think I could handle another meme at the beginning of the week. I love your photo.

  4. Well I am not completely sure because I am always told that Raccoons can be very vicious but I used to live in El Segundo and I had a raccoon that would come in through the cat door and still food from my Sister's car Riley. One day I was washing dishes and he came right on it not scared at all. Even when I tried to shoe him out, he still hesitated. Riley would be outside with him and he never attacked him.

    Where I live now, (still in the city) we have 3 raccoons I see once in a while. They always try to come up to me for food.

    That picture you took is soooo cute. I have always loved raccoons, since I was little. I love seeing them and find it funny that they are here in the city.


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