Saturday, 13 June 2009

Looking UP!

As always, I'm stunned to realize two weeks have once again flown past me. I am happy to say that I have a NEW photo that I'm sharing. However, I also went into the archives for the other two.

* All three photos were taken with my trusty in the purse point and shoot. Not sure why but, I've decided that maybe I should be pointing that out as I often use that over the DSLR which is for "work".

Before I get into a rambling rampage, the theme for this weeks Round Robin Photo Challenge is "Looking Up".

Copy of xFly a Kite-074

This man is inspirational and had me completely memorized. If anyone ever gets the chance to see Ray Bethell perform in person, DO! Below is a link to a clip found on You Tube.

Copy of aaxxFly a Kite-082

Ray isn't flying one kite, he flies MULTIPLE kites doing aerobatic maneuvers reminiscent of the Blue Angels. Ray is an older gentleman, age unknown as he doesn't share that bit of information. His assistant told me several years ago that Ray had to be in his late 80's from conversations they shared.

The last photo is of my beautiful 26 year old (can I say she's still single and looking) daughter who was just pre-approved for a home loan and is now in the process of house shopping! It's such an exciting (and stressful) time in her life right now. Things are looking UP in her life. :-)

Copy of 032

Be sure to check out the other participants by clicking here-> ROUND ROBIN. *I'm heading of town this weekend and will visit all the robins when I return.


  1. Hi Monica! Wow those kite shots are really great! Judging from his tan he is out practicing and performing a lot :0)
    your daughter is lovely and sounds like she's quite responsible!! Good for her...

  2. The kite pictures, especially the second one, are awesome. And you did a terrific take on "Looking Up" with the picture of your lovely daughter.

  3. enjoy your weekend Monica!! as always, your daughter is beautiful; like I said before, she takes after her mom! how exciting for her to be house hunting!! the first house is always the funnest one and the most exciting one!!

    I would enjoy seeing Ray fly his kites; looks like poetry in motion I would imagine

    great pictures (as always)


  4. I find kites fascinating!

    I played too :)

  5. Thank you for sharing with us these great captures in motion. You're certainly taking me down memory lane as I used to fly kites as well. Wish I could one day see Ray in action.

    Your daughter is gorgeous, she has such a nice smile! I vaule your comment too, hope to hear from you.

    Have a good weekend.

  6. Hi Monica :)

    It's always a treat to visit your blog! I love the portrait of your daughter. She reminds me a bit of Anne Hathaway. Great angle on the building. SO nicely done.



  7. Excellent subjects! Kites and then the low angle on your daughter's portrait. Well done.

  8. Great shots for "Looking Up" Monica! That man with the kites must be wonderful to watch and your daughter gets more and more beautiful! I hope you're having a great weekend! :-)

  9. Hi!
    Awesome looking up photos! The man with kites is awesome, multiple kites, WOW! You have a beautiful daughter. Good luck with her house hunting! Have a great evening!


  10. How interesting and fun to watch the man with the kites. And your daughter is lovely -- I wish her the best on her house-hunting. Great pictures and application to the theme!

  11. Your daughter is beautiful and by the smile on her face...things are looking up for her. Enjoy the hunt! And as for the kite guy...what a sunburn. I love watching the kite guys...we just had a kite fest near us. I took the little one and we had a blast.

  12. That's a neat kite! not so easy to handle, I know.

  13. cool pictures! Congratulations to your beautiful daughter!!!

  14. I like all three of these, of course! How cool that this guy Ray does something so mazing. But my favorite shot is the one of your daughter, with the amazing perspective on the building behind her.

    But where is this weeks's RR entry, hmm?


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