Thursday, 18 June 2009

Mt Rainier Sky Watch

I've only participated in the Sky Watch photo theme once before and as promised, I went back to the same location to photograph the sky around Mt Rainier.

This first photo is from the first time I played along - this is for those who may have missed it the first time.

Copy of Copy of R 037

The second photo was taken today from the same location.  Can you find our beautiful Mt Rainier?

Copy of 1skywatch

Nope, I can't either, it's as if there is no mountain there.

Please be sure to check out the skies from other parts of the country and world!   Sky Watch Friday.


  1. monica, what fun! thanks for the optical illusion. as for missing the california weather, i will be envying you like mad come august!

  2. Great shots Monica, the first one is my favourite.

    Have a great weekend
    Regina In Pictures

  3. Haha I feel like it is supposed to be a joke or something. I looked for a long time to see if I could see it in the one.

  4. Ha! Shows how the sky is so fickle!!

  5. Fascinating. Great sequence - and that first one (which I did miss first time around) is a lovely shot of the mountain.

  6. Wow, that's amazing! Thanks so much for sharing!

    (and thank you for stopping by my blog!) :)

  7. Love the first photo! Its beautiful and I have not seen it this so close. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Well - it must be magic! Loved both shots.

  9. Hi Monica, thanks for stopping by the hut. To answer your question, I am not the host of Outdoor Wednesday. Susan @ is the lovely blogger who provides the links for this event.
    The rules are very simple, it just has to be something outside. Most post pics of their gardens and I wanted to do something different. So, I have started doing a Walk With Me theme. I live on the Gulf Coast of Florida and places in my area are much prettier than anything in my garden. Since my blog is all about the beach, they usually have a beach theme to them. So, please join us and let me know so I'll be sure to visit you. Rain joined this week and her post was a big hit!

    BTW, I love your pics and I have one thing to say — gotta love PS! lol. Great illusion!


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