Monday, 1 June 2009

Gum Wall

This is my second time to participate with the Ruby Tuesday, and I hope it's only the second of many more to come. :-) I keep my eyes open for photo ops at all times now.


What you are looking at is known as the "gum wall" at Post Alley in Seattle. You are not going to believe the "ewwww" factor of this tradition that has become a living art installation sought out by photographers.

The Market Theater in Post Alley at Pike Place Public Market has given up cleaning the gum it's patrons began sticking to the alley's brick wall while they were waiting in line. It's a habit that has stuck. Originally coins were pressed into the colorful gum blobs. Some people still affix a penny, but those quickly disappear.

After two complete removals and cleanings, the theater realized the futility of trying to keep the gum off. It is now become a 'public art installation', and a participatory one that grows daily.

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  1. I was kind of hoping I was wrong when I thought it looked like gum. :)
    What a find!

  2. I remember the gum wall from a previous post - I thought it was so cool! I know it's gross, but at the same time but definitely photographic material! Love it!

  3. ewww...but cool! I remember hearing about this from a previous journal of your's Monica; It must be interesting to see in person


  4. Ewwwww factor is right, but still it's great photo. Well done.

  5. Yea that looks a little disgusting actually but still cool. I wouldn't want to touch that wall. I find it gross when you go to Disneyland and see the gum stuck on the walls of the caves of some of the rides.

  6. I thought the picture looked kind of fun with the red face, then I read what it was and thought it was cool (yeah, eeeww, but cool), and I didn't realize that this might be a spreading urban art form until I saw your post. About a week ago in Seaside, Oregon, I photographed a gum installation of the pole of a traffic speed limit sign!

  7. Yep, I'll go with eww. Interesting art installation, though.

    Happy Ruby Tuesday and thanks for stopping by my blog. ;-)

  8. Monica, I'll also go with eww factor but it is cool...BTW thanks for stopping by my blog

    Have a good week...

  9. Ewww factor aside, that is fantastic!!

  10. I have heard about this but never encountered it. I'll have to try to check it out. Art is art! And welcome to Ruby Tuesday. Highly addictive.


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