Sunday, 7 June 2009

Nature Reclaims

I've been wanting to participate in the Monochrome Weekly photo theme and haven't until now. This is my first time to participate.

I debated about the title, 'Nature Reclaims' or 'Abandoned Dreams'. The person had spent a lot of time building a small pond with a little waterfall near that bench, it looked as if it would have been an ideal place to daydream or find some inner peace.

Copy of F 005.BW


  1. that photo is sweet. kinda like our blog. follow it.

  2. makes you stop and think, what happened? why did they put the bench there and then not tend to it?

    interesting photo challenge and great picture!

    enjoy your week ahead Monica!


  3. Poor bench! But it must be happier now you've found it and taken such a great photo. It's lovely.

  4. That is a great image and deserves to be seen by the Mono Manicas - however your link referred back to the mono site not this one. I have arrived via comment D'star found.
    Pity to spoil your first entry so please log in a again.
    And welcome.

  5. So lonely and forgotten but it makes a great monochrome....

  6. You make a fantastic shots in mono:)
    The place looks so peacful!!
    Thanks for the visit.

  7. Nice... problem is what nature has taken probably months to take back, we can destroy in a mere few minutes. Nice pic though...

  8. That's a beautiful shot. I like the way it looks with the bench being reclaimed by nature although it does make you wonder what it was once like.

  9. I love this photo. There could be so many meanings behind it.

  10. I like this picture a lot--the light and shadow and composition are great. Alternate title: Nature Triumphs Over Civilization.


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