Monday, 8 June 2009

Double Trouble

Martha and her son at Menagerie started a new photo theme for Tuesdays called "Double Trouble". This is running on a trail basis so I hope everyone goes over and encourages her son to keep this up.

The idea is to find and photograph something in pairs.

So, I hear you asking, WHY am I photographing a SINGLE dog? I suppose I could say he has a PAIR of LARGE ears. But, that's not the real reason.

Copy of G - Gage

While he appears to be a sweet looking single dog, he seems to have this invisible evil twin who knocks over the trash and scatters it ALL OVER the house on a daily basis ... at least ONCE a day if not more.

This 'twin' also took a rotisserie chicken that I bought for our dinner and I had put it on the back part of the counter until dinner. However, when I returned to the kitchen I found that this invisible evil twin had pulled the chicken off the counter and ate the ENTIRE chicken!

One morning when I was busy with my two granddaughters, I found the evil twin had pulled plates out of the sink and dropped them to the floor so he could lick them clean for us! Oh and he broke a few while trying to clean.

No, this is NOT my dog, he's my grand-dog. My son (a cop) rescued him from the streets. Gage was bone thin and abused. They are working hard to train him ... errr his evil twin that is.

I must add, that despite the problems his 'twin' caused, I fell in love with Gage. Both my granddaughters climb all over him and he just looks at them and sighs. The baby gets a way with the most. She sleeps on top of him.

The first morning I was at their house, I started to go in the girls room and he stopped me cold. My son, assured Gage I was okay and he handed me my youngest granddaughter. The dog watched me carefully and when he saw the baby hugging me and happy, I was allowed into his pack. :-)

Gage is a keeper, his evil twin on the other hand ...


  1. I am writing on behalf of Gage's other personality, the evil twin. Your son, the cop would agree with me, you need evidence. Where is the evidence that I, the evil twin ate your chicken? LOL.

    I enjoyed your story. May be he was an abused and traumatised dog.

    Thanks for visiting me site. It was the first time I came across this meme.

  2. It sounds that the evil twin is hard to deal with. Kind of cute, though. LOL. Lovely shot! I love the frame, too. Have a wonderful day, Monica :)

  3. He sounds like a real star, but that twin of his is quite the mischievous one!

  4. LOL..despite the evil 'twin', what a great dog to watch out for the kids. maybe he's still

  5. LOL...Great story and pretty dog. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Super cute German Shepherd and my dog has an evil twin too!! Thanks for your visit for Double Trouble!
    Martha from Los Angeles

  7. looking at those eyes, I can't imagine him having an evil twin; cute story and great dog!!


  8. Very nice looking dog! I wonder what his 'twin' looks like... Isn't it funny what they do when your back is turned?
    Thanks for your input on camera choice! I will certainly check out the sony series. It seems to work well for you :)

  9. Awww. what a perfect baby he is! His big ears are a perfect pair for Double Trouble Tuesday and so is Gage and his evil twin! Thanks for playing Monica :-)

  10. I like how you think. Our dog, a rescued schnauzer, is similarly of two minds. He has the sweetest heart, and is incredibly loving with us and the kids. But when he thinks we're not paying attention, he'll go after the garbage with a vengeance, making ever larger messes every time out.

    Still, that face gets me every time. As does your photo. Wonderfully shot and related.

  11. Very clever!

    Gorgeous Gage and a wonderful story of his happy ending too.


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